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The Forbidden City

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Produced by CCTV and
National Geographic.


Welcome to the portal for Global Entertainment Media Corporation. GEM is a group of arts and entertainment companies with offices in Los Angeles, California and Beijing, China.

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Aim Group Films

Aim Group Films owns a library of over 1,000 feature films, television shows and documentaries, which it licenses worldwide.

Aim Group Films distributes independent films in partnership with Live Entertainment and Cinevision International.

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Cinevision Global is a Motion Picture Acquisitions Company with offices in Los Angeles, California and Beijing, China.

We distribute properties in a wide variety of genres and secure exclusive home entertainment rights for retail, cable, satellite, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, in-flight, radio and other broadcast media.

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Bamboo Lane Gallery exhibits artworks by Asian and Asian American artists, as well as by young emerging artists from Los Angeles.

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China Music Group includes CRC Jianian, a joint venture with China Record Corporation, and China Music Publishing, a joint venture with the Music Copyright Society of China.

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CHINA MEDIA VENTURES, INC. operates a number of companies including CHINA MUSIC GROUP, a joint venture with CHINA RECORD CORPORATION (CRC) and CHINA MUSIC PUBLISHING INC, partly owned by the MUSIC COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF CHINA (MCSC), the performance rights organization of China.

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Established in late 2007, China Music Publishing offers western music copyright holders a "safe-haven" within China's budding music publishing industry.

China Music Publishing can actively publish your music catalog in the Chinese marketplace.

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Great Wall Productions LLC is a production company for the feature film The Wall.

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Silk Road Productions is a partnership between Global Entertainment Media and Producer/Casting Director Bonnie Timmerman, formed to develop a slate of mature films for theatrical and television release.

New China Consulting Group is a strategy consultancy that brings Western companies into China.

Our relationships extend to the highest levels of the PRC government and the Chinese business community.

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China Image Media is a photography resource for graphic designers and collectors of the visual arts of China.

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